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Boost your marketing with a video business card! What’s a video business card? A video business card is a video about one minute long promoting your business. You host it on Youtube and embed it on your website, preferably your home page. This not only improves your search rankings, but it gives your customers a feel for who you and your business are. Online video is the future of content marketing. We can help you join the future.

You start the process by writing a script about a minute long. Shorter than a minute is fine but it shouldn’t be much longer than that. As we’ve found it’s hard to memorize a script this long, our recommendation is that you only memorize the first and last paragraph. We can format the video to include still photographs or video of your business, while you read your script. You only have to be on camera for the first and last paragraphs, or just one of these.

Shooting the video takes 1-2 hours. During this time we will record you as well as shoot still photos or separate video that can be spliced into the scene while leaving the soundtrack intact. We can splice in still photos or video you own as well. After the shoot, we edit your video business card and have the results to you in about a week. We do all of this for a flat fee.

If you’re curious as to what a video business card looks like, here are some examples:

Beyond Properties Realty 

Palmgren Acupuncture

Oak Park Podiatry

Ours (bottom of page)

We also produce more than just video business cards, including longer form videos and video slideshows which can include your own photographs compiled into a slideshow with music. Here are some examples:

Starship Restaurant & Catering

Excel Window Tinting (Slideshow of their photos)

CrossFunction Ribbon Cutting

The Daly Bagel Ribbon Cutting

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Video Business Card - Video Transcript

Hello and thank you for visiting Bannor & Bannor. Let’s talk about video business cards. What are they and why do you want one for your business?

A video business card is a short video, half a minute to a minute long, introducing people to you and your business. Your video card can include you speaking, still images of your business, as well as data slides if you’re in a technical field. It’s important that you either have permission to use or own the rights to images you use in your video.

You want a video business card on your website, preferably on your landing page. Firstly, this gives your customers a feel for who you and your business are. Secondly, it helps raise your search engine rankings. Generally, you host your video on Youtube and embed it on your website. Google loves video and owns Youtube, so every time a visitor views your video on your site, it counts as a view on Youtube. This helps push your website higher in searches.

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