I love my Sony RX100. I love Apple Aperture. The RX100 is the little camera that takes big camera images. Aperture is Apple’s pro image management and editing program. It’s a sort of iPhoto on steroids. One of the things about the RX100 though is the lens has quite a bit of geometric distortion. Most obvious is the barrel distortion at wider angles. This is corrected by the camera if you shoot jpeg and by raw conversion software, including Aperture, if you shoot raw. The image on the camera’s LCD is even corrected, so you really never see the distortion in normal circumstances. I feel Aperture’s distortion correction is superior to the in camera correction applied to jpeg images with less softening of the image’s corners. Yesterday, I ran Apple’s Raw Compatibility Update 4.08 which adds raw support for several new cameras, including the RX100II (drool), Sony’s updated RX100. I don’t have a new camera, but I routinely do these updates when they’re available. To my surprise, when I opened Aperture, all my RX100 raw images, which Apple had supported for almost a year, suddenly started having geometric distortion correction removed from them. Any time I opened an image, it looked fine while loading, but then snapped to a distorted mess when fully loaded. At first, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but eventually came to suspect the raw compatibility update. I confirmed my suspicion by transferring some RX100 raw files to my MacBook Air, which I hadn’t updated yet. Sure enough, when I opened the images in Aperture, they looked fine, totally corrected. The top image is a jpeg converted from raw in Aperture on my iMac with the update. The image below is the same image from Aperture on my MacBook Air without the raw update. That telephone pole at right tells the tale. © Todd Bannor I’ve put both images here: http://smu.gs/17crFQq, where you can toggle between them. (For some reason, the link won’t work as a hot link.) Update. I started a thread at Apple Support’s discussion board and another person confirms the issue: https://discussions.apple.com/message/22807239#22807239