Nooooooo! Face it, most of us don’t look good in selfies. We don’t look much better when we hand our phone to someone else. There are several reasons for this some which have nothing to do with the camera. However, phone camera lenses are generally wide angle and give a very unflattering perspective when photographing a face. They also have a very short actual focal length, which keeps everything in focus. This is great for vacation snapshots, but not so hot for portraits. It’s also hard to keep distracting elements out of the background. A portrait taken with a larger camera and a somewhat telephoto lens gives much more pleasing results with a natural perspective and the ability to blur the background to isolate the subject. It also gives much better tonality across the photo.

A professional headshot isn’t all that expensive and pays for itself by giving you a professional presentation to the world. Take a look at the next photo. Of course, the subject is clearly better than your’s truly (I should have panned over to Beth), but I photographed Meredith with an SLR and 160mm equivalent lens in a really nice little park. She is nicely isolated from the background and looks happy and confident. Helping people present a great image to the world is what we do here at Bannor & Bannor. Let us help you.

headshot, portrait outside

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