I met a great guy named Brian Fischer. He has a company called BKF Computer Services that I highly recommend.

BKF Computer Services provides many quality services including:

Business IT – Server Installations, Computer Repair/Installs, Network Maintenance, Troubleshooting
Personal & Home IT – PC & Laptop Repair, Software Installs, Troubleshooting, Data Backup/Recovery, Home Networks
Structured Cabling & Fiber Optics – Leviton Authorized Installer of Copper/Optical Fiber, Design and Maintenence of Structural Cabling
Multimedia – Custom Solutions for Conference Rooms, Information Displays, Sound Systems and more
Telecom – Telephone Solutions such as: PBS, VOIP, Trixbox, Paging Systems and Wire Tracing
Surveillance Systems – Video Surveillance Systems including CCTV, Motion Detection, Remote Access Systems and more for Business and Home
You can find more information here: www.bkfcomputers.com