Business owners often spend more time thinking about the medium of their marketing (print, blogging, email, social media, etc.) rather than the content. Your message, however it is delivered, is ultimately what will inspire your customers to buy. Unfortunately our messages are all too often focused solely on the products and services we provide rather than the emotional triggers that motivate the purchasing decisions of our customers and clients.

In this presentation, Marc Stopeck will talk about the basic emotions that make us spend money and how by incorporating those feelings into your marketing communications, you can create deeper bonds with your customers.

Marc Stopeck works for Wednesday Journal and, helping local businesses make meaningful connections with local residents. He is also the Wednesday Journal’s editorial cartoonist, a produced playwright, and a student pursuing a master’s degree in Jewish studies. Across all these areas of interest, Marc has spent a great deal of time considering the myriad ways in which messages are delivered and received.
Join us on Wednesday, March 4th, to make sure you know how to craft an effective marketing message. Mark is a GREAT speaker. Please RSVP now so you won’t miss him. Thanks!

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