I have been selling fine art photography for several years through Fine Art America. In addition to wall prints, my photographs may be printed on a wide variety of products. Recently, Fine Art America has begun selling reusable fabric face mask through their Pixels.com site. Here is a link to my page: https://pixels.com/profiles/1-todd-bannor. To order, just click on a gallery and then on an image. Face masks are listed in the product sidebar on the right. You may have to scroll down a bit to get to the masks. Here’s is an example of one of my images on a mask. The masks are polyester and washable. 

Additionally, I am able to create private, passworded galleries for my customers. Perhaps you’d like your logo or your own photo printed on a mask. With a private gallery, enclosed images are visible only to those with the link and password. I have already had one local business arrange for a private gallery. If you’re interested in hearing more, please contact us.

It is now recommended that people use fabric face coverings when going to grocery stores, etc., to cut down on the transfer of COVID-19. Face masks do more to protect others from the wearer, but if everyone wears a mask, it helps decrease the transfer of droplets. And if you’ve been in close proximity to someone who has coughed or sneezed, make sure you remove any mask carefully and wash reusable masks and your hands thoroughly. Here’s a video with a demonstration of how to remove the mask without touching it using a reusable kitchen storage container. You can also wash the mask by putting a couple drops of dish soap in the container, adding lukewarm water, snapping on the lid and giving the container a good shake. Put the straps inside the container first, of course and wash your hands after you’re done. And of course, rinse the mask with cold running water. You do not need to use hot water to wash the masks, or your hands for that matter. Soap kills the virus by disrupting its fatty coat.

We wish all of our friends and customers good health. Stay safe. We will get through this.