I just finished two Joomla®! 1.7 projects. The first was migrating this website to Joomla 1.7 from 1.5. This went pretty smoothly. I did have some problems with extra files in some of the /administrator/components/com_ folders. The front end looked great but it was giving me errors on the backend. Once these extra files were removed, everything worked very well. The errors told me exactly where to find the files.

The second project was completing the Carriage Flowers new website. Carriage Flowers moved from a flash/html site to Joomla. Their main goal was to be able to upload images and change them out by themselves. They also have the ability to change and add new content on their schedule. Moving away from a flash website also gave them the ability for their website to display correctly on iPads and iPhones. This was also an opportunity to update their web presence with a new look. I think the site turned out very well.