Bob Briskey will present two perspectives + one goal: What YOU can do NOW with little to no expertise with a camera to further your business today. Plus knowing when you should hire a PROFESSIONAL. Bob will speak about why photography for your small business is essential in today’s visual world. Expectations of consumers are high and they are accustomed to viewing visuals that help them understand what your service or your products can do for them. What do your company’s visuals say about your brand? The answer to this question often will reflect how effective your message is being delivered to your clients. You can personally improve the marketing efforts of your company with the tips you will learn from Bob. These strategies will allow you to grow your business whether your on a tight budget and you want to create images yourself or if you have room in your budget to hire a professional. An award winning photographer, Bob Briskey has enjoyed a multi-faceted 30-year career shooting portraits, architecture, weddings, and website photography. Bob is inspired by the way light can create beauty in every image. When Bob photographs people, he is exhilarated by capturing the perfect emotional moment. His goal is to artfully document the true spirit of his subjects. Bob has worked with Tiffany’s, Polo, Architectural Digest, Bloomingdale’s, Von Maur, Macy’s, Sears, Ben & Jerry’s, MTV, and numerous other brands, but he is currently best known for the images he creates for local businesses and families. In addition to his professional photography career, Bob also teaches photography to individuals and business owners. He feels it’s exciting to share what he knows and loves with others. Some students start from square one: Bob helps them choose a camera, teaches them how to use it, and helps them develop confidence with it. For others, it’s about honing skills. Bob feels when people take better photographs; their love for photography grows, as does creative expression. When that growth is shared in a group setting, it’s not only rewarding, it’s a lot of fun. Bob offers both private lessons and group classes, including field trip groups and groups for teens. Bob’s favorite aspect of teaching is experiencing the “aha” moments with his students as they see a particular concept click. Here’s a link to the signup for this free event: