Chicago Psychotherapy and Consulting

Chicago Psychotherapy and Consulting decided it was time for a new website. Their old website had been created on Yahoo and was no longer meeting their needs. They wanted a website that was responsive to different screen sizes, looked great, was easy to edit, and was easy to maintain.

After an initial meeting, we decided the best option would be to create their new website on Squarespace. Squarespace met all of their requirements plus had the added benefit of not having to make software updates to their site. Squarespace does this for them.

This project had these main goals:

  • Create a brand new website for Chicago Psychotherapy and Consulting.
  • Create a website that was visually appealing and inviting for their clients and prospective clients.
  • Easy to maintain and edit.
  • Backend and security measures are taken care of by Squarespace.

You can see their new website here.



Posted on

April 16, 2021