Sara Dixon Spivy

Sara Dixon Spivy

Sara Dixon Spivy

Bannor & Bannor worked with Sara Dixon Spivy to to create her campaign website. This project had these main goals:

  • Create awareness of Sara Dixon Spivy’s run for OPRF District 200 School Board and give her a platform to share her views.
  • Include a way to donate to her campaign.
  • Provide event details through a newsletter signup, event calendar and Facebook feed.
  • Include security measures and backup procedures as part of the website.

We worked with Sara Dixon Spivy to create a nice clean site that put the focus on her and her views.

The top image shows a section on her homepage that gives voter information and important dates for voting in a tab format. This gives voters important information while conserving space.

You can see her website here.


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January 30, 2015