I’ve had some nice stock photo sales in the last few months. Here are a few of them. The accompanying image as well as this one, this one and this one were used on the Daily Mail’s website in an article about our recent Halloween gale.  An image of a much colder Chicago was used in a scientific article about global climate change (I’ve finally been published in Nature!).

In the huh? department, this photo of Rush Hospital has been licensed to a travel client. Maybe you can get a deal on an operation while visiting Chicago. If there is one thing I know about stock photography, it’s that you never know.

I should mention, most stock agencies don’t tell you who their commercial clients are, they just tell you the image sold, how much it sold for and how it’s being used. The editorial uses are easy to find if they’re on the web. Alamy does tell you where a news image is used.

In the keeping your eyes and mind alert department, I walk past this bank building several times a week. It suddenly hit me the engraved Roman numerals would be perfect for a math or history textbook. And now it’s in one as a full page use.

Sometimes, it takes time. I took this image of Chicago’s Chinatown five years ago. It’s now licensed as a two page spread in a textbook.

I have several photos in marketing textbooks and I imagine this giant chicken has joined them. A full page use.

There are several more, but for brevity’s sake, I’ll leave you with this pretty picture, which has licensed for commercial use, including web use, but I haven’t seen it out there yet. Maybe you will.

Oh, and one more thing. While I was taking those Angry Lake Michigan photos, I shot this video. A lake not to be taken lightly.