We’ve added a new page touting our video business card service. A video business card is a short video introducing you and your business to potential customers. Having a short video about your business on your website landing page is much more personal than text alone.

There are additional compelling reasons to add video to your content marketing. Online video is expected to account for nearly 70% of all consumer internet traffic in 2017. Youtube receives over one billion unique visitors every month. Some of these visitors are looking for a business just like yours. Having your video on Youtube and embedded on your landing page will drive your site up in search rankings.

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Video Business Card Transcript

Hello, I’m Todd Bannor. Thank you for visiting Bannor & Bannor Web Design Photography and Video. We’re talking video business cards. What are they and why do you want one for your business?

A video business card is a short video, half a minute to a minute long, introducing people to you and your business. Your video card can include you speaking, still images of your business, as well as data slides if you’re in a technical field. It’s important that you either have permission to use or own the rights to images you use in your video.

You want a video business card on your website, preferably on your landing page. First, this gives your customers a feel for who you and your business are. Second, it helps raise your search engine rankings. Generally, you host your video on Youtube and embed it on your website. Google loves video and owns Youtube, so every time a visitor views your video on your site, it counts as a view on Youtube. This helps push your website higher in searches.

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