We are pleased to announce that we are now an Alamy Stock Photography Affiliate. Alamy is a huge stock image library with over 200 million images to choose from. Their collection includes photographs, illustrations and video covering a wide range of subjects from lifestyle to travel as well as archival and historical images. If you purchase stock imagery through our link, we receive a small commission that does not affect your price.

What is Stock Photography?

Essentially, stock is imagery that’s “in stock.” In other words, rather than hiring a photographer to shoot images for your project, which can be very expensive, you simply purchase a license to use an existing image that fits your purpose. Stock photography isn’t new. The earliest stock photo agencies date back to the 1920s & 30s. Stock photography was a way for photographers to make additional income on photographs they’d already taken, whether it was outtakes from shoots or street and landscape photography.

Why use Alamy?

Today, stock photography agencies or libraries exist online and finding an image is as simple as entering keywords based on what you are looking for. Why use Alamy for your stock photo needs? One important reason is you don’t need to buy a subscription to their service. There also isn’t a minimum number of downloads you need to buy per month. You may buy a license to one image or to as many as you like.

Alamy has both royalty-free and rights-managed images. The difference is, with a royalty-free license you pay one time up front and can use the image for as long as you want. With rights-managed images, you buy a license on a per use basis, so you need to renew the license to use the image for a new project. Why might you choose rights-managed over royalty-free images? With royalty-free there is no exclusivity available. So for an important marketing campaign where you’d prefer not to see the images you use in another organization’s campaign, especially not a competitor’s, buying an exclusive license to a rights-managed image is the way to go. This is, of course, more expensive than non-exclusivity.

Stock imagery from Alamy is a cost effective way to add eye catching graphics to your website, publication or marketing campaign. Model & property released images are available. Visit Alamy today.

We also can produce photography specifically for you

And remember, if you need us to produce photography for your specific need, visit our photography page.