Websites get your business found –

People search for everything on google and other search engines. If you don’t have a website, you won’t be in the running for their business and your competitor might get the business instead.

People might also search for your businesses to learn more about you after hearing about your business, meeting you or one of your sales reps, or seeing some of your other marketing materials.

Depending on your target market, younger customers might prefer finding out about your company through your website instead of emailing, calling or visiting your store.

People also link having a website with being serious about your business. They want reassurance that your business is serious about delivering quality products. First impressions make a big difference and great websites build business credibility and customer confidence.


Websites increase your market of possible customers –

Depending upon what you sell, you can reach customers all over the world looking for your products or services.

More and more people use the internet when shopping locally for products and services. This lets your potential customers know if you have the items they are looking for before they make a trip to your store. This also lets customers in your area who may not have heard about you know about you and your business.

More and more, customers expect businesses to have an online presence. The younger your target market, the more they will expect businesses to have a website that they can access on their phone, tablet, or computer.

When is the last time anyone here used the yellow pages to find a business, a business address or a business phone number? My husband and I are always perplexed when a phone book is dropped off at our house. We haven’t used one in years.


Websites are open 24 hours a day –

Consider your website an addition to your sales staff that doesn’t take breaks and is available – even when your store is closed and you are sleeping. This is especially true for businesses that sell their products and services online.


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