Why WordPress For Your Website?

Bannor & Bannor Web Design. Oak Park, Illinois. We are proud to use WordPress.We use WordPress for its staying power, ease of use, and flexibility. According to w3techs.com, WordPress powers 26.5% of all websites. This number increases to 59.5% when compared to all content management systems. WordPress is here to stay and is increasing in popularity every day.

WordPress websites can range from a blog to a fully functioning business website to an ecommerce store to anything in between. Large websites include Sony Music, the Dallas Mavericks, Beyonce, Fortune, Time Inc., The Meredith Vieira Show, The New YorkerYRC Freight, and Tesoro. If these large businesses can run their websites on WordPress, you can too.

A feature we love about WordPress is that it is easy to make changes and update once the website has been built. We show all of our web clients how to do this on their website. The best part is that we are available if you need help.

Flexibility is one of WordPress’s greatest strengths. You can start small and add functionality as your business grows. Building your website in phases is a great way to manage costs and add to your website when you need to. Extending your website can be done through plugins or custom coding depending on what you need your website to do.


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