Although you might feel overwhelmed at the responsibility for buying your own domain name, it’s worth the effort to do so. As a business owner, owning your own domain name is important if you ever want to change website developers.

Buying the domain is much easier than trying to gain ownership of the domain at a later time. When you buy the domain in your own name, you make sure that you are the one to receive the renewal notifications so your domain name is always renewed on time.

What happens when the person or company that purchased your domain name for you lets it expire? If the domain has been deleted from the registry, it is no longer your domain and anyone can buy it. I have noticed that when a domain name expires and is not renewed, the company where the domain was purchased from will often buy the domain name and raise the price. It seems like this is a strategy to charge more money for the domain name from people who forget to renew that same domain name.