Once you have a WordPress website, you might think most of the work is done. But, a website is like a garden. Ignore it and who knows what might pop up. Websites require frequent attention to their backend. Security and plugin updates are released frequently and if you’re not checking in and applying these updates on a regular schedule, your site will accumulate vulnerabilities, opening your site up to hacking.

You also should be adding new content to your site frequently. Adding new content to your site helps keep it current and also helps with search engine optimization. Search engines like new and relevant content.

If you’re too busy running your business to keep your website up to date, Bannor & Bannor can help. We now offer WordPress Web Care. We can keep your security and plugins up to date. While nothing on the web is 100% secure, we can help you keep security at a maximum. We can also add content you supply or make changes to existing content.

We can tailor a Web Care package to your specific needs. Just fill out the form here or call us at 708-203-6513 and we’ll send you a quote for what you need. So, rest easy, knowing that Bannor & Bannor is taking care of your site.